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The Carlin Group

The Carlin Law Group seeks to help you achieve your goals by minimizing conflict, confrontation, and time spent in court. Mr. Carlin provides a meaningful alternative to divorce and family court representation in New Jersey and New York. Growing up a child of divorce attorneys who ended up getting a divorce and having had his own divorce, he understands all that goes into it. Using his personal experiences, Mr. Carlin steers his clients from becoming caught up in the chaos that family law matters can bring and focuses on settling outside of the courtroom. Whether a client is going through a difficult divorce, pursuing a case of child abuse, or embroiled in a challenging custody dispute, everyone deserves to have legal representation that understands just how sensitive family law matters can be. The Carlin Law Group is happy to assist clients in seeking additional resources to help them during your family law matter.

100 Church Street, Suite 800 New York, NY 10007





Very responsive, answered all my questions, and are very good advisors. Highly recommended.

Great Job! Highly competent, professional, customer-oriented advice and support. Very competent execution
Sasha Kuehn
I'm very pleased with the professionalism, patience, and promptness of the Carlin Law Group. This was a matter that I wasn't very knowledgeable in and they guided me through, Thanks guys

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