At the start, we will help you assess your needs and determine specific goals and outcomes you want to achieve in your family law matter. It begins with a consultation to figure out what needs to be done. At this time, the client will learn about who I am and my experience in helping other individuals in similar situations throughout New Jersey and New York State. We might explore other paths the client might have already taken prior to contacting The Carlin Law Group that were unsuccessful. Once priorities have been identified, we begin the skillful art of negotiation. We will discuss together options, fees for service, and estimate the cost of legal representation given the different scenarios and paths the case might go down. The retainer fee will be established.



If negotiations are not productive, the case proceeds to court. The Carlin Law Group will keep the client informed of all the important details related to the case. The client will be made aware of what letters have been received and what orders have been filed. Since family law matters such as divorce and custody disputes are often compared to a chess game with each side "thinking ahead to the next move", we will communicate to the client what each next move will be in the case. We aim to support clients towards the next chapter of their life prepared to live the life they desire. This new life might include enjoying a desired amount of time with their children or adequate financial freedom to maintain their lifestyle.


As a Divorce Mediator, qualified by the New Jersey Superior Court, I often assist people who would prefer to seek mediation instead of litigation. Through mediation, we help clients find a resolution to their disputes while avoiding time in court. Mediation works best between those who are earnestly interested and willing to seek resolution to their disputes outside the impersonal legal framework of a family law court. This allows people to reach fair answers to issues ranging from the division of property, parenting agreements, child support, and spousal support without having solutions imposed by a judge. In mediations, it is possible to resolve all issues between the parties involved in the divorce.

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